5 Oyster Dishes You Must Try

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Oysters on the half shell are a delectable treat, and their sweet, mineral-tinged flavour requires no dressing up. However, it's a shame to limit your enjoyment of oysters by always eating them the same way. Here are five oyster dishes every oyster lover should try:

Devils On Horseback

Ideal as a starter or part of a light lunch, this dish consists of crusty bread that's lightly toasted and topped with oysters that have been sautéed with white wine, lemon juice and garlic. Thin slices of bacon are placed on top of the oysters and the dish is dressed with freshly sliced spring onions and parsley.

Mexican Seafood Cocktail

Forget soggy shrimp in Marie Rose seafood sauce; this Mexican dish uses fresh tomatoes and spicy chilli peppers. Oysters, clams and calamari are gently cooked before being folded into the spicy sauce. The seafood cocktail is garnished with green olives and fresh coriander, and it's delicious with thick slices of avocado.

Oysters DuPont

This is a salty-sweet dish consisting of oysters dressed with garlic, basil and oregano before being topped with crumbled feta cheese, capers and white crab meat. They are then grilled until the tops are golden brown and served with lemon slices and thickly sliced sourdough. This dish works well with a garden salad or sweet potato wedges.

Oyster Fritters With Spicy Remoulade

Encased in a light and crispy beer batter, these oysters simply melt in your mouth and are incredibly moreish. The beer adds a mild malty flavour, but the delicate flavour of the oysters is preserved. These fritters can be dipped in a spicy remoulade made with mayonnaise, tabasco sauce, cornichons, anchovies, shallots and tarragon.

Shrimp And Oyster Jambalaya

Celery, peppers, onions, rice, shrimp and oysters are all cooked together in one pot with a broth of tomatoes and chicken or fish stock. Classic creole ingredients, such as garlic, black pepper, thyme and chillies, are used to give this dish depth and heat. The dish is cooked slowly until the broth is absorbed and the flavours have melded. For those who can handle heat, hot sauce can be added at the table.

These are just a few examples of oyster dishes that are worth looking out for the next time you visit a seafood restaurant. If you're not sure what oyster dish to try from the range on offer, your server will be happy to make a recommendation.