Choosing a Mild Curry to Help Kids Get Into the Flavours

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While many people associate Indian curries with a hit of spice and fire, there are many curries that are just as full of flavour but that do not pack as much of a punch. Here are some ideas to choose from on an Indian restaurant menu that will give you a delicious meal without the fire, which can be a great starting point for children.

Butter chicken

Butter chicken is a popular choice for many people who love Indian food but prefer a milder taste. The curry takes slow cooked chicken in a tomato, almond-cream or yoghurt base and a blend of spices including garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander and garam masala. These can be adjusted to taste and can be mixed with rice to create a mix that is perfect for nearly any palate. 

Mango curry

Another popular curry for kids is a mango based chicken or prawn curry (often shown as a patcha manga or similar name on a menu). These curries cook ripe mangoes and chicken in a yoghurt sauce with a mix of interesting spices including cumin and tumeric and often add soft vegetables including potatoes and zucchini. The sweetness of the mango creates a delicious contrast to the spices and many restaurants add some lemon or lime to create extra interest in the curry. 


Korma is a broader style of curry with a coconut cream-based sauce. It can come with any type of meat or even in vegetable base for kids who prefer not to meat. In addition to the soft sauce flavours, the sauce is often further softened by the addition of sweeter vegetables including peas and carrots.


In addition to these dishes, it's a great idea to have some raita close by when you are eating Indian curries. This is a simple sauce made with diced cucumber, yoghurt, lemon juice and a little salt. If at anytime the kids do eat something that they find too hot, a little raita can be a great way to cleanse the palate quickly and remove any lingering spice from the mouth. 

If you are looking to raise an adventurous eater, it is a great idea to start early by introducing them to curries at a young age. If you want some specific advice it can be great task the waiter at an Indian restaurant as they can recommend dishes that feature your child's favourites meat or vegetables.