4 Reasons to Have Your Post-Naming Ceremony Meal at a Chinese Restaurant

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Whether your baby's having a Christening, an Aqiqah, a non-religious naming ceremony or something else entirely, deciding where to hold the post-ceremony meal can be a struggle. If you hold it at home, you'll be rushed off your feet and unable to enjoy your baby's special day. Alternatively, booking a venue and having it catered can be expensive. Instead, why not consider enjoying a meal with your family and friends at a Chinese restaurant after the ceremony? Here are 4 reasons to choose Chinese.

The Food Is Symbolic

There is often a major element of symbolism in naming ceremonies, whether religious or non-religious. Why not complement that by involving Chinese food symbolism too? Like many aspects of Chinese culture, many of the nation's foods represent different concepts. Eggs, for example, aren't just a delicious form of protein—they're also commonly given out to announce a baby's birth. Many other foods are symbols of assets and virtues you may want for your baby, such as noodles for long life and cake for a sweet life. 

There's No Need to Decorate

Making an empty hall or typical family home look spectacular can be time-consuming and expensive. If you eat at a Chinese restaurant, there's no need to spend time decorating for your baby's special day. Most Chinese restaurants feature attractive décor and furnishings that create the perfect atmosphere. If you ask in advance, most eateries will also be able to provide you with additional decorations like banners and balloons, or set up your own decorations at your table. 

There Are Kid-Friendly Foods

While most naming ceremonies take place before the baby can eat solids, there are usually many other children (including family and friends) at a post-ceremony meal. Chinese is one of the most child-friendly cuisines you'll find. From egg rolls and noodles to fried rice and vegetables, there are numerous offerings that work for small hands and small bellies. Ask for healthy steamed rice and vegetables, light or sweet sauces, fruit for dessert, and kid-friendly chopsticks.

Chopsticks Are Good for Kids

On the subject of chopsticks, it may surprise you to know that chopsticks present many benefits for children. One of the main perks is that chopsticks encourage your child to eat slower. When faced with a delicious meal, children tend to gorge and end up with tummy aches later. Using chopsticks will ensure they only eat until they're full. Chopsticks also help your child improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, making Chinese restaurants one of the only places where your child can eat, stay occupied, and learn all at once.