Why a Business Breakfast Beats Lunch or Dinner

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In jobs where you need to meet with clients and other business contacts, it's often done over lunch or perhaps dinner. Getting out of the office and meeting people somewhere public is a great way to hold successful meetings, especially if you're paying for food and drinks to impress a potential client.

For your next meeting, however, you might find it helpful to try something a bit different. Meeting a client somewhere for breakfast can give you a few useful benefits, helping you get more out of it and set up or maintain a good working relationship. Here are some of the things you can gain from a breakfast meeting.

It's memorable

When you see someone who has a lot of meetings, particularly if they're a potential client, it's not just what you say and have to offer that makes you stand out.

In an endless stream of business lunches and dinners, meeting somewhere for a delicious breakfast instead immediately makes a unique impression. Not only that, but you'll most likely be meeting before the other person has seen anyone else that day, which helps keep your meeting fresh in their mind.

It can be easier to schedule

Getting people together who have packed schedules can be extremely difficult, so you might find yourself waiting quite some time to fit in a business lunch.

Having a business breakfast instead means you're more likely to arrange something quickly, especially if it's before anyone you're meeting has anywhere else to be that day. It's also often easier to find a suitable restaurant in the mornings, as places get booked up for lunch and dinner far more quickly.

It's a productive time of day

When you're feeling fresh and alert, you'll be better. That makes breakfast a great time of the day to meet with someone, especially when you have important matters to discuss.

Meet someone before you've tackled any of your other business for the day and you're certain to be more on the ball.

It's strictly time-limited

Business lunches and dinners have the potential to drag on and on, getting steadily further from the matters at hand as time passes. Add in the possibility of alcoholic drinks, and it can be difficult to hold a productive meeting.

When you take someone out for breakfast, it's important to stay focused and get through the meeting efficiently because you'll both have other places to be. And, while there might be booze on offer, it's not going to be a problem in the morning.

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