What is the best type of fish for a fish and chips supper?

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A fish and chips supper at a local restaurant is always a treat, but fish and chips is not one-size-fits-all. Do you prefer your chips thin or chunky? Do you go for sides like mushy peas or coleslaw? What's more, what type of fish should you choose for the ultimate fish and chips experience? Different types of fish have different flavours and textures, and they hold up to deep frying differently, so this choice is very important. Before you chow down, consider what these types of fish could bring to your fish and chips supper.

Hoki. Hoki is one of the most popular types of fish used in fish and chip shops across Australia, but this one is strictly for fish lovers who enjoy a particularly fishy taste. The fish used for fish and chips is often more neutral in taste, but hoki has a strong flavour that can sometimes make it hard to match with other bold flavours on the plate, such as tartar sauce. Nevertheless, it batters and fries up very well, and is a consistently good choice for true fish lovers.

Barramundi. If you want a truly local fish and chips experience, you should definitely order barramundi the next time you're at the fish and chips shop. Barramundi is native to Australia, and has many qualities that make it ideal for fish and chips. First of all, it has a very neutral taste without that fishy smell that some people just don't care for. This means that it can be paired with all kinds of different sides and easily carry different flavours. It also has a lot of oil content, which makes it near impossible to overcook. Considering the high temperatures involved in deep fat frying, this is a huge benefit. While barramundi is often more expensive, for many it is totally worth the expense.

Whiting. Whiting is another fish native to Australian waters. It's great for fish and chips because it has a slightly sweet flavour. This means that it can pair with the tartness of something like tartar sauce very well. Whiting is a firm fish, so it can hold up to deep fat frying very well, and yet it also flakes yas soon as you put it in your mouth. For those who are environmentally minded and care about ocean species, it may also be useful to know that whiting is one of the more sustainable fish species in Australia.

Enjoy your next fish and chips dinner!